Open-Source Telecom T-shirts / Реклама open-source telecom

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Есть идея сделать футболки в картинками и высказываниями с рекламой open-source telecommunication. И в связи с этим — вопрос к вам, чтобы вам хотелось увидеть на такой футболке? Пишите в комментариях свои любимые высказывания, ссылки на xkcd и всё остальное, что можно напечатать на футболке. Желательно, чтобы оно было под open-source лицензией, например Creative Common, или в Public Domain.  :)

Мы будем рассылать бесплатные футболки вместе с первыми 10-20 экземплярами UmTRX. А после этого они будут доступны в нашем интернет-магазине и м.б. в магазинах наших друзей и партнёров.

Если ваше предложение попадёт на футболку, вы тоже получите такую футболку бесплатно.

Примеры ниже, под английским текстом.

We want to make T-shirts promoting open-source in telecommunications, and we need your ideas. What would you want to see on such a T-shirt? Please, post here your favorite sayings, phrases, xkcd comics and everything else which is related to open-source telecommunications and could be printed on a T-shirt. We would prefer if those things are under an open-source license, like Creative Commons, or in Public Domain. :)

We plan to give them for free to the first 10-20 UmTRX buyers. Then you'll be able to buy them from our web-shop or from one of our friends and distributors.

If you proposal gets printed, you'll get a free T-shirt as well.

PS If you know a good online T-shirt printing service in US or Europe — drop me a line. I've never done this in US/Europe before.


  • «There is no way to open-source. Open-source is the way» *
    * Mahatma Gandhi saying, modified in the spirit of open-source
  • Control your telecom infrastructure — use open-source!

20 мнений на “Open-Source Telecom T-shirts / Реклама open-source telecom

    1. ipse Автор записи

      Well, penguin Tux is a specific Linux thing and it has too narrow meaning to me. A picture of a screwdriver may be better. :)

        1. ipse Автор записи

          Good idea.

          An image of a thin flimsy door with many locks and label «That's how telecom looks today»

  1. Anders Brownworth

    Some ideas:

    * «Break the Carrier Lock»

    * «Telecom wants to be free»

    * «Proprietary != Secure»

    * «There is no such thing as a spectrum crisis.»

    * «Run your own cellular network.»

    Should give shirts away at OpenBTS Conf as well. ;)

    1. ipse Автор записи

      Hey Anders!

      I knew I could count on you.

      All proposals are outstanding. Now I have hard time choosing! :)

      Yes, we'll bring them to the OpenBTS conf, that's for sure.

      1. Anders Brownworth

        After people finish suggestions, let's post a survey and vote. Personally, I like «Build your own cellular network.» best — even people outside the industry know what that means.

  2. sdrguy


    For MY T-Shirt, I would like this on the front:

    «Открытое ПО» in Russian.

    And on the back of the Shirt, I it to read ( EITHER):



    But whatever is printed on either the front/back/ or both sides, it HAS to make mention/credit the Fairwaves crew!



    1. ipse Автор записи

      Could you sketch it and upload it somewhere ( may be an easy choice)? Or give me a link to the Superman style font, please — I'm not sure I'm quite get the visual.

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